How to Reconnect Your Kids With Nature

Author: Joanna from Lazy Moms

Living in Canada we all know that going out in the nature with kids isn't always easy... it's so cold for months on end, and then when it finally gets warm, all the bugs and mosquitoes come right up at us! Or at least, this is what I've been telling myself as an excuse for not going out as often, and what a lot of other Canadian parents have been telling to themselves too, according to a survey conducted by Nature Valley!

I know for a fact though, that while I dread the extreme cold in the winter and mosquitoes in the summer, my kids are the happiest and the calmest while out in the nature! And me too, I actually tend to relax, when surrounded by it, like nowhere else!

So while a lot of us parents tend to think that going out in the nature means packing a van and going for a whole day hike in the Rockies, the reality is that it doesn't need to be that complicated to be fun! And really, every nature moment counts! Especially for our kids. Research shows that spending time in the nature stimulates children's creativity, problem solving and helps them with their capacity to concentrate! So now I try to be more mindful, and make small nature moments happen more often!

This summer, I decided that I won't be waiting for vacation to come, in order to reconnect my kids with the nature! Instead, I decided to make small everyday moments with nature count!

And so here's what you too can do to reconnect your kids with the nature, in the realms of your everyday busy life:

  • Grow fruits or vegetables in your garden, and let the kids do the watering and picking! We choose strawberries, as they re-grow every year, and all they need is water! And of course, kids love picking fresh ripe strawberries!
  • Organize a simple rainbow-nature-hunt in your backyard (or in the park!) Just print my printable, and let your kids be explorers of the nature! My kids love finding colorful natural objects! And the best part of this rainbow-nature- hunt, is that it can be repeated every month, and so kids can compare the colourful changes happening in the nature!
  • Do backyard picnic as often as possible! Everything tastes better when eaten on a blanket, and picnics out in the nature are a great opportunity to teach kids to observe their environment and learn about trees and flowers growing around!

I believe that reconnecting with the nature doesn't need to be complicated, and it can happen anywhere really, even in your own backyard!

For more ideas on outdoor activities, download Nature Valley’s list of 100 #NatureMoments for 100 days of Summer HERE!

Joanna from Lazy Moms

Joanna lives in Montreal with her husband, two highly energetic daughters and two slightly fat cats. She is a parenting, mindfulness and lifestyle writer behind the Lazy Mom's Blog and a passionate photographer and maker. She loves making mess in the kitchen with her children and is a real lazy mom when it comes to folding laundry. You can read more on her blog : or come and say hi on instagram @Lazymoms.

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